Interview with Paris Williams

What do all living beings and living systems have in common?

They have the capacity to turn “breaking down” into “breaking through.” Whether it’s trauma or even psychosis on a personal level, the collapse of human society, the regeneration of ecosystems, or the regeneration of the entire biosphere, we find this same process at play. Of course this process is not always successful, but the wisdom and potential is always there.

In this little 8-minute excerpt from a larger webinar – Rekindling the Flame – Dr Paris Williams provides an overview of this process and how we can tap into it to support healing for ourselves, our society and the Earth.

You can also view his online webinar which expands on this same theme: Navigating Global Crisis: Developing Personal and Collective Resilience.

Learn more about Paris’s work at:

Centre for Nonviolence and Conscious Living

Dunedin Psychologist