Written by Dr Joel Kahn / LiveKindly

When the Human Genome Project was completed in 2003, the field of aging expected remarkable findings from “cracking” the genetic code, the “genetic” era of health. In the last 15 years, a new era appeared, called the “epigenetic” era. This is the science of how our environment influences the activity of our genes. Lifestyle can actually switch certain genes on and others off. Choices made about nutrition are the most powerful environmental factors that influence gene activity, followed by fitness, quality of sleep, toxins including smoking, and stress. Our genes may load the “longevity and health” gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger, or not.
A brief description of some of the ground-breaking experiments that can impact your chances of a long and healthy life, called your healthspan, follows.

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Food is powerful information that can act as a remote control to our gene. Our fork is the most powerful surgical instrument there is. A plant-based diet promotes health and longevity better than any other diet or lifestyle choice known to the medical field.

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