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It’s always good news when a selfless human does something wonderful to save the life of an innocent animal. Recently, two dogs found themselves atop a frozen lake in Irvington, New York, but their curiosity turned to fear when they fell through the ice. Luckily, there was help nearby.

Timofey Yuriev, his wife Melissa Kho, and their golden retriever Kira were enjoying a walk together when they noticed the dogs struggling in the lake. Yuriev didn’t hesitate and immediately jumped into the water to save the dogs. He was not alone in his heroic effort either, as Kira jumped right into the water with him, while Kho captured the rescue on camera.

Yuriev was put in the right place at the right time for these two dogs. Growing up in Kazakhstan, he saw his mother train for cold water exposure and he has taken the practice with him to New York. He and his wife regularly train together. “Every day we wake up with a cold shower, and we do breath work. That’s what allows this kind of cold exposure for us,” Yuriev said. He and his wife also train twice a week in the Hudson River, where Kira joins them and jumps into the freezing waters as well. Their preparation paid off in a big way.

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Yuriev and his furry companion made the rescue look easy. The video shows a determined Yuriev smashing through the ice to create a pathway for him and Kira to reach the first dog. Once they reach the first dog, they return to land to ensure its safety and regroup. Shortly after, the two go right back into the water to save the second dog, who was several feet further away from where the first dog was saved. Despite the freezing temperature, Yurviev took the time to look back and check on the dogs to ensure their safety swimming back to land.

Luckily, there are people like Yuriev who are willing to do whatever it takes to save animals. These type of stories showcase the compassion humans should have towards animals, and the mutual compassion animals have for each other. Whether it be a dog or an elephant, a life is a life and deserves to be treated as a worthy being.

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