Produced by Jono Frew / Plant a Seed Podcast

In this conversation, we let fear take a back seat and we allow love and authenticity to jump in the passenger’s seat to co-pilot.

We do not lose sight of the fact that we are driving at each moment. Dr Paris Williams is a Psychologist, an Ecologist and a world champion hang glider pilot and coach. In this conversation, Dan and Jono have a conversation with Dr Paris Williams and dive deep into his thoughts about the Covid 19 response in New Zealand and how fear shapes our behavior and the way we think and how the world occurs for us. It’s an authentic look at the government’s response and its effects on the people in NZ.

This is not a comfortable conversation and may be confronting for some. The conversation ends with looking at how we can break through this right and wrong, us and them mentality and allow for all of everyone’s needs to be met and for everyone to be heard. This is an incredibly honest, real, and authentic conversation grounded in research and science while being deeply connected to love, acceptance and empathy.

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