Published by Allied Circles

This is a brief excerpt from a longer webinar entitled “The ReKindling.”

This first “glimpse” into the legacy of Reconnecting with the Earth for Personal and Global Healing opens with a blessing from Chief Rangi (00:30) for the monumental 3rd webinar in the series, The ReKindling, followed by a sounding of the Horn of Elysia by Luke A Shootingstar (01:48).

Dr. Paris Williams and Rev. Luke conclude this glimpse (02:15) with introducing an exploration into the notion that madness could “save the world.”

Executive Producer: ShizLAN

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Additional media content featured:

– Heartstrings intro on guitar from “Love” by Joules Graves

– “Sea – 4006” video segment by outlinez (Dimitar Tzankov) on Pixabay

– “The Royal Seal of Awesomeness” graphic art by Design Monarchy

– “The Great Seal,” “Kaupapa,” and “A Higher Calling” are graphic art productions by ShizLAN